Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 17
  • 23

Capricorn, it’s the third week in and you’re getting antsy and admittedly, a bit nervous. You’re a perfectionist at your core if you’re honest about it. Ducks in a row have its place at times but you’re not experiencing this week to gain perfection. It is about getting to the core of your what you truly want and not what others want you to be. You’ve been a people pleaser before and it has started to creep back into your system as you get anxious with the New Year getting closer and closer.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, Capi. You know you can always handle any hurdles or challenges thrown your way but you take those as beacons of failure rather than see them simply for what they are. When you get in anxiety mode, your worry-wart syndrome comes out full-force. So much so that you start with the “what-if” scenarios to the point that you almost manifest those negative manifestations of the mind.

You’re a powerful creator, Capricorn. Be careful of your thoughts right now because your focus should be on finalizing your agenda for the coming weeks. It’s nearly the “Power” year and you’re one of the two most powerful signs of the zodiac. It’s going to be an incredible year in 2018 but only if want it to be. You’re the creator of your destiny and more so because your power to manifest your dreams into reality is quick, easy and huge. You go big or go home, that’s just how you roll. No time for you to shrink into yourself and hide right now. It’s time to stand up, stand out and step forward.

Standing still worrying will get you nowhere but stalled and that’s something you hate to be stuck in. That should be enough incentive to get your game on again. Let’s do this, Capricorn. You’ve got the last wind in you to make it to the finish line. (best days 17, 21)

The 13 is known to be an unlucky number for various reasons around the world and in different cultures but the 13 is becoming more and more powerful and was never actually unlucky at all. The 1 and 3 add to the 4, which is the “bridge” number. It is representative of the fourth level of existence, where we realize that we’re actually conscious creators of our destiny and the sky’s the limit. It’s both scary and freeing at the same time.

For centuries, we’ve been on autopilot in “thinking”, “feeling”, “doing” mode (mind, soul, physical planes) and now, we’ve got the fourth level of conscious creation. It’s called the bridge because it illuminates the black space between what we perceive to be point A (the place we’re at, the dead-end job, the life we’re tired of) and point B (living our dreams, goals, passions). It’s a force to be reckoned with right now.

We’re just figuring it all out and Capricorn, you’ll likely be one of the first to master it.

The 54, begins with the freedom of expression number of the heart/emotions but is backed up by the solid, stable, foundational “anchor” or “rock”. This creates a situation where your emotions are more even-keeled and much less erratic. This will drastically help you in harnessing the power of your feelings and passion to manifest the final stages of the year. You’ve got this in the bag, darling, and you know it.