Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 3
  • 14
  • 76

Capricorn, you’ve been waiting for this month as its truly your month as the first month of the year, the achievement-driven, hard-working, pioneering, trailblazing number of new beginnings. It’s all about building an empire and you’re all too familiar with that one. You eat, sleep and breathe your path/purpose as one of the most successful signs of the zodiac.

You’re no stranger to hard work and putting in the effort necessary. You know by now, Capi that choice is a huge part of how you create your life. If you choose “wrong”, you can just hit the re-do button and choose again. You remind us of one of those blow-up clown punching bags that keeps popping back up, even if you knock it down over and over. You’re not a quitter, always a fighter.

Be forewarned though, there will be several curveballs thrown at you and you might not enjoy these challenges at all. You’re normally game for most challenges but these are a bit too raw and real (may hit some sore spots). (best days 15, 19)

The sunny, bright, happy-go-lucky inspirational 3 will keep your spirits bright and upbeat as 3 is the number of inspiration and imagination. It’s the energy with the belief that anything is possible.

Watch out for its alter-ego though (in the negative), which is self-doubt and self-criticism. The negative 3 can sit on the fence for a while before making decisions, for fear of making the wrong choice. Until someone else “tells” the negative 3 what they should do, they won’t jump but as soon as someone does (anyone!) they will have full faith in it and act promptly, whether it’s a good idea or bad one.

The 14 is a pioneering, new path forging, stand-alone number that is content to be isolated. With the 4 in the inner position, it can add a dash of impatience to the scene. The ego (1) could take hold with a helping of impatient, materialistic focused 4 and cause a bit of drama for you this week, particularly with manifesting what you want and in what form.

It may not come in the package you want and the“order” you put into the universe (your intention) could be a bit off. Be watchful of this little beauty of a lucky number and don’t allow it to take hold of you.

The 76 also has the potential to be a bit of trouble-maker because although it leads with the deep, philosophical 7 (contemplative, truth-seeker), it’s followed by the number of extremes 6. This 6 could go a lot of ways such as giving you a broader view of things (positive), acting more pessimistic or critical (negative) and creating drama in the area of relationships in particular as 6 is also called the relationship number.

Overall, your lucky numbers have potential but it’s up to you, Capi, how you want them to be utilized and that’s going to take conscious awareness throughout the week.

Stay in detail-oriented mode at all times to catch the subtleties or breadcrumbs to follow.