Capricorn Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions August 13th to August 19th 2017

  • 17
  • 21

Capricorn, if there were ever a perfect week for you to set your wheels in motion on a goal you’ve been wanting to conquer, now’s the time. The whole week for you flows like a dream, starting with the Master Builder Number 22/4 and moving into career (5), creative-focused (6) and sliding into home base with the concurrent numbers 7 (revealing truth), 8 (manifestation/abundance), 9 (whirlwind change) and 1 (new beginnings).

It’s a dream week for you, Capi…and you get to bring your dreams to life during this dream week! The best part for you is that it has a predictable and even flow to things but still leaves the door open for last-minute shifts in perspective and tweaking along the way.

You’re in absolute heaven for the next 7 days. (best days 17, 19)

Your lucky numbers are meant to help you pause for thought this week.

The 17, leading the way with the pioneer/trailblazer energy (1) also has the contemplative 7 to compliment it and balance things out, meaning you’ll stop to ponder your actions for a moment before leaping.

Likewise, the 21 starts off with the dualistic, yet passive and intuitively sensitive 2 to help you see both sides of a situation while still allowing you to actively engage in action (1). You’ll be a much better decision-maker this week because of your lucky numbers, Capi.

Appreciate all that you’ve been given and use it to its full potential.