Cancer Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 20
  • 48

Cancer, you’ve so grown into a stable, strong, steadfast emotional sign that is like the “natural counselor” energy for all those you encounter. At one time, you couldn’t handle emotional confrontation, so you’d always retreat to protect your heart.

Now that you’ve developed coping strategies and mechanisms that are healthy and solid, you know how to help others without being dragged into the pit of emotional turmoil with them. It’s a power and strength we can all feel a mile away.

You’ve become somewhat of the Grand-Daddy of the zodiac signs – the wise, calm and knowledgeable one whose feathers aren’t easily ruffled any longer. You’re the leaning post, the go-to person for people like Leo for example, who has been a bit of a mess for the majority of the year this year.

You can offer so much healing, direction and inner peace just through your presence alone but also through your words of wisdom that come from experience (hindsight learning) more than any other way. You’ve totally earned the notches on your belt this year, Cancer. You’ve literally almost jumped decades in personal growth.

A wise soul in a younger body is what you’ve become. We always knew this was Cancer, but you had to grow into it when the timing was right, and you’ve been called to your post in a big way this year and brace yourself because it will be even more of a powerful “call” in 2018.

We’ll enjoy it as much as you will, Cancer. Nice to know you’ve got our back. (best days 1, 3).

The 20/2 is symbolic all the way of what you’ve blossomed into, Cancer. You’re the calm, passive, supportive, sensitive, cooperative, non-urgency personality sign that exudes peace and tranquility to other souls struggling not to succumb to worry, drama, or turmoil of any kind. You’re like the rope to pull them out of the negative vortex.

The 48 has the solid, stable, foundational, loyal, trustworthy and steadfast 4 (square and its equal four sides) along with the wise and knowledgeable 8 (not the bold or assertive/cocky 8). It’s a beautiful combination for you this week, Cancer and what’s more, those numbers add to 12 and then reduce to 3 (4+8=12, 1+2=3) which are the whole and complete number (12) and the number of unity (3).

This is precisely what the new Cancer is going to do for others – you’ll bring it all full circle for them and connect it together in solidified form that they understand and can grasp in their own way.