Cancer Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 7
  • 14
  • 38

Cancer, it’s a given, as an emotional-based number, relationships have always been a part of your struggle. This week, it starts off with a big hub-bub about relationships and turning the chapter in a big way.

For very feeling signs, it’s less about finalization of everything (is that really possible for you?) and more about addressing the pressing and important issues at the moment. What’s yours, Cancer? I’ll bet I have a good idea of your goals this week. It goes something like this: You’ve grown a ton in terms of emotional control but haven’t had a good chance to try it out on actual relationship issues. This week you will.

With an emotional equilibrium intact to some degree, you can now take a step back and view others’ emotional vantage points. That’s big stuff for you, Cancer. You’re always the escape artist when it comes to confronting others’ emotional issues. You always had so much yourself that you had no room for others’ emotional turmoil. It wasn’t that you didn’t care, it was just that you couldn’t handle both yours and theirs.

It’s different now though, you can take that crucial step back and that you will this week. It’s like getting your sea legs for the first time. Your week is set up a bit different as it’s about turning the page on the relationship number but for you, it continues into the highest change numbers, 8, 9, 1 so you can put into action your new perspective on all things relationship. Once you’ve got your feet wet, you’ll be given a short “break” with the 20/2 (docile, self-reflective non-action day) to take in all that just occurred, likely fast and furious.

The last day of the week is the number of imagination and inspiration (3) meaning, if you’ve played the frequencies the right way, you’re poised to change your thinking or way of seeing things in terms of how others operate in relationships and how they see things differently than you do.

The 7 is the number authenticity, the deep philosophical number of truth. It demands that you come clean and “naked” with yourself and what you know to be true based on your experiences and observing the truths of others.

The 14 leads with the pioneering, trailblazing number of communication and new beginnings. Following that is the 4 in the inner/weaker position so instead of a “doer” 4, you have a solid, stable, constant, rock of a 4, that supports the success or achievement-driven 1. It’s definitely focused on getting things done because the 4 acts as an anchor for the go-getter 1 and that’s huge for any frequency that is going out and doing big things or making big changes in the world.

The 38 is one powerful force for you to have this week, Cancer. The 38 has the largest aura of all the Life Path Numbers. It can sometimes even overpower itself with the power of its own energy. When a 38/11 walks in a room (if a Life Path Number), people know it immediately and take notice.

To have this as a lucky number, Cancer, you’ve got an ally in your corner for certain. It indicates you’ll accomplish a lot of headway this week in all the areas you desire to make changes in.

Score, Cancer score.