Cancer Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 18
  • 29

Cancer, of all the signs, you’ve won the award for most growth and evolution in terms of how you handle your emotions but it’s not about dominating them (not that kind of “control”). It’s about fully understanding your mode of operation so that you can best choose the emotional response to suit the situation perfectly. It’s absolutely an art form for the emotional signs to master and some have it and some don’t.

It can also largely depend on the individual and the path, personal experiences, etc. that have shaped their beliefs, patterns, and vantage point. Even if you are a Cancerian and feel that you’re not quite there yet, it’s ok. What I’m getting at is that overall, Cancer is the sign that has most frequently been seen in a master of their domain mode in regard to their emotional balance, control, and expression.

It’s a language all your own and therefore you had to learn it on your own. This week is ideal for you to engulf yourself in the powerful intuitive forces of all those 2’s in order to heighten your sense of what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and if it requires adjustment or a shift in perspective of any kind. This week will really polish your art form, Cancer. Use it to the fullest because the 2’s only aim to be supportive gentle nudges.

Let them nudge away at you this week. It won’t seem bothersome if you remember what they’re doing for you in the end. (best days 21, 23

The 18 is the same frequency as the word LOVE (when you convert the word LOVE to numerical format and reduce). This is a great essence to have as a lucky number when you’re amongst loving, sensitive, empathic, intuitive, supportive 2’s. As the number closest to the soul, the 2 knows all about the value of true love and loving expression as a soul in human form. It’s as important as air, food, water, and shelter.

To thrive we need to feel love and to love in return. Especially emotional signs like you, Cancer. Just because you’ve reined in the harnesses on your emotions somewhat, doesn’t mean you’re going to give up your softer more sensitive side in favor of detachment. No way. That’s not what the sign of Cancer is about.

They are the sign closest to that frequency of LOVE, the 18/9. The 29 is a potentially unpredictable number because it, first of all, is comprised of polar opposite frequencies. The soft, passive, sensitive, intuitive 2 is partnered with the highest change number, the number that always wants to shake it up on every level.

The icing on the cake is that 2+9=11. This is both the Spiritual Guide Number and the Power Number. You know exactly which end of the 29/11 spectrum you’ve got to aim for, Cancer. Remember, true power isn’t dominating or controlling.

True power is about personal power which essentially is your right to make your own choices and create your own destiny.