Cancer Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 40
  • 72

I know, you’re thinking, the last thing I need right now is another week that starts with a relationship day! Well this week, you’re in luck, kiddo. This is the grand hoopla, the finale. It’s time to sift through what remains of the last layer of the rubble of the relationships layers you’ve been working your way through. It’s not painful at all this time because you’ve been in the hardest parts so far.

Now it’s just a few tidbits to deal with and then you’re home free. And the surprise factor is that you actually get to shut the door on all that stuff you’ve worked through the past several weeks. Once the door is closed, it’s like a line drawn in the sand, you’ll never revert back to it because it’s gained adequate closure. So, the first day is (of course), diving straight into the relationship ring and then day two is the sweetness when you get to use the power of the 16/7, 180-degree shift, turn the page in a big way momentum to make a scene by closing the lid with a fiery determination NEVER to see, hear or experience any of that old junk again.

For highly emotional signs like you, Cancer, working through and finalizing or gaining proper closure on situations, hurts, wounds, wedges, grudges, unresolved personal matters of any kind is crucial for you to maintain a solid grasp and handle on your emotional self. When you begin to accumulate too much “baggage”, that’s when the waters get muddy and your sense of self, direction, etc. is lost momentarily.

The rest of the week, now that your emotional waters are so still and calm, they’re crystal clear, you can now concentrate of the things you want to include (or not include) going forward. This is really a next phase scenario. A type of transformational death and rebirth phase. Out with the old, in with the new.

What does the new Cancer require in their presence to feel fulfilled, content and happy? The choice is all yours, babe! (best days 13, 15)

The 40 is going to be a drill sergeant for you this week, Cancer. What’s the one thing emotional signs forget most often? The practical, smaller details. The pure 40/4 is the 4, amplified by the symbol zero, therefore it is a constant reminder this week that you need to find a healthy equilibrium from start to finish throughout the week so that you don’t allow yourself to become engulfed in the emotions as they arise during the sifting and sorting and removing.

You have a tendency to take on emotions – those of others as well as any emotions that may be near you at any given time. That can certainly cloud your own emotions and make it more difficult for you to tell if it’s your feelings or “cling-on” emotions. The practical, amplified 4 will keep the atmosphere grounded, practical, more emotionally detached and focused on the task at hand.

The 72 is also an ideal number for a Cancerian this week. The 7 is often referred to as the “Leap Before Thinking Number” and you can often suffer the consequences of hindsight learning. The 2 in the secondary position will pull back on the reins of the 7 to keep it under wraps, only to be let loose when it’s called upon. Otherwise, it’s a pretty haphazard frequency to let loose on a very emotional-based sign. It would be hindsight learning abound which is not at all something you could handle from an emotional standpoint, Cancer.

Be sure to keep that 2 holding the reins on that 7 – you maintain control of that situation so you can use it at your will, not the 7’s.