Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions October 22nd to October 28th 2017

  • 27
  • 38

This week is a bit mixed up for you, Cancer. On the one hand, you want to clear up all the lingering emotional “cling-on” energies from your life but you also need to resist the urge to reminisce or dwell in them for long. You’re such an emotional creature that it’s very easy for you to get lost in your emotional body.

Thankfully, some of the emotional control you’ve garnered lately will save you from yourself and keep you on track. You have to admit, you’ve got a tremendous amount of emotional baggage that has to go now that you’ve become aware of how to navigate your emotional world better. It doesn’t fit anymore and there’s no room for it.

The first day of the week (a relationship-focused day) may be a bit rough for you but the second day has you turning over a new leaf on it all. Letting it go without resistance will need to be a conscious act for you, Cancer. Be grateful you’ll then be thrown into three fast-paced, high-change days to keep your body, mind, and soul distracted for a bit as this all sinks in and you move past it.

By the end of the week, they’ll be fresh ideas and new doors opening left, right and center. Good things come to those who not only wait but put in the hard work to get to that point too. (best days 24, 28)

The 27 is an “iffy” number, Cancer when it comes to an emotional being like yourself. This is because, although it does lead with the passive, support and intuitive 2, it has the distrusting 7 in the inner or weaker position. This may cause some hesitation while dealing with the relationship releasement on the agenda for the first part of the week. Remember to trust in the process, Cancer. Our emotions are the best compass we could have and you’ve got a direct link to it. Trust should never be an issue for you. Trust your heart and instincts. The quickest answer is the right answer.

The 38 will help you get through the week with a smile on your face and your pride still intact. The inspirational and imaginative 3 leading the solid, independent, doubtless and wise 8 is a beautiful combination for you to keep in your sites the reason for doing what needs to get done this week. It will give you unwavering trust and a level of certainty you’re not used to, but will relish in.

We’ll see and feel the true power of the Cancer sign this week and what you’re actually capable of. For some of the signs, it may be a bit shocking but inspiring at the same time. You’ve come so far.