Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 16
  • 45

Cancer, you’re one of the few, if not the only sign where this week will be a cakewalk. Although it’s all about inward-focus (which involves your emotions at times), you’ve grown so much over the past year in respect to getting a handle on not only understanding yourself from the inside out but coming to terms with (at peace with) all your imperfections as well as your strengths.

You understand fully that we’re all human and imperfection is our most beautiful trait, not our worst in the least. You are at your most calm and at peace this week as you breeze through this deeper reflective period of where you’ve been and what you’re about to accomplish next. It’s meant for you to connect on a level to discover if it’s just your head saying yes or your heart and that’s an easy one for you to discern, Cancer.

The second part of the week is just an extra opportunity to fine-tune or make any changes in the “wind’s direction.” Follow that huge heart, Cancer, because it’s much more of a guidance system than anything else in the entire universe.

The 16/7 isn’t necessarily a volatile inner change energy for you this week, Cancer. It’s more about “rehearsing” your next steps and then turning the page on the need to look at anything further. With this level of knowing it’s a good feeling, isn’t it, Cancer? Your emotions as the “train wreck” it was, you’d never have the ability to feel like turning the chapter because of a sense of completeness.

You’ve come so very far. Of all the signs, you’ve probably taken home the award for “Most Growth.”

The 45 puts a practical flare on your emotional self. It doesn’t mean your emotions won’t play a pivotal part in your decision-making this week but it does mean you’ll make them from more of a “practical spirituality” place. Grounded, centered and eyes wide open.