Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 21st to May 27th 2017

  • 45
  • 88

Cancer, you’re one of those signs that hasn’t really changed in millennia. That’s because what isn’t broken doesn’t need to be fixed.

However, times have changed significantly over the course of several years and without hurting anyone’s feelings, you’re sort of outdated. It’s time to spruce up your communication skills and your emotional handling skills and this week you’re going to get hit with situations that challenge both areas.

As a means of learning, these experiences will bring about a new clarity and perspective for you, Cancer.

You’ll have some new coping and strategizing mechanisms in place by the time the week is over. Now I’d say that’s progress for such a feeling sign. (best days 23, 25)

The 45 is going to give you stable (4) change (5) which is exactly what you need to maneuver your way through the week. You don’t want to fly off the handle or lose your sense of control so the 45 will help you with that.

The 88 is a unique creature as it is doubtless yet daredevil-ish. It isn’t afraid of change and wanting to shake things up. It will bring out your assertive, doubtless and independent nature. Being such an emotional soul, you know through your feelings what is right and wrong. Follow that and you’ll never go wrong.