Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 1
  • 17
  • 28

It’s a very “unemotionally charged” week for you, Cancer. It even causes you to feel a bit out of sorts but it’s a good exercise and pre-practice to allow you to step into the “shoes” of the less feeling signs (and their perspectives).

It’s very much a utilitarian week for you to concentrate on the more logical, practical, and planning aspects of your life. Due to it being a less emotionally charged week in general, you’ll have a more detached stance on everything, even when it comes to deciding on a few relationships and whether or not they truly serve you going forward.

In both the relationship and career realms, there will be some tougher decisions to be made this week. With emotions trimmed back from the equation, your decisions and choices will be much swifter and on-spot. You won’t for a moment, second-guess yourself but rather rip it off like a bandage with a certain force.

Each area of your life will be needing your attention to detail in order to review, revise and/or even make necessary major changes if required. One of the commonalities of the feeling signs is that you think less (don’t usually over-think/over-analyze as much as a mental-based person, for example) so revisiting a decision after it's been made isn’t really something you normally do.

You’re more fluid of a sign and therefore make your decisions and flow on, rarely looking backward unless of course, it’s related to a hurtful memory, experience or scenario. That’s a different story. Then a feeling sign could become even worse than a non-feeler in terms of continually revisiting the past and what they might have done wrong, done differently, etc.

Thankfully, this won’t happen this week though. It will be an efficient, detached and smooth-sailing situation.

You’ve got this handled 100%, Cancer. You’re a vastly different Cancer than when the year started, that’s for sure. (best days 20, 23)

The number 1 is a bit foreign to you, Cancer. As the ego-based, trailblazer, stand-alone, detached achievement-driven number, it’s vastly different than the sensitive Cancer we’re used to. Yet, surprisingly, you’ve done such a great job at harnessing and gaining emotional equilibrium that you can control a will, the 1 isn’t as foreign at all anymore. As a matter of fact, you’re more than ready to try on the pioneering 1 as the New Year hits. You’re ready to take the world by storm and then some.

The 17 is really the 17/8, the God Frequency. It’s comprised of the achievement-focused 1, typical, but in this case, it’s more about communicating (1) your truth (7) for the purpose of spreading wisdom and knowledge (8) for soul’s growth. Sounds more deep and complicated than it will be though, Cancer. You’re just a bit on your soapbox and telling it like it is, that’s all. A very confident Cancer you have become, darling. It’s nice to see you in your personal power. You’re not pushing your opinions or thoughts on anyone, just speaking your mind and personal vantage point.

The 28 is the icing on the cake because it leads with the intuitive, support 2 but backed by the soild, doubtless, independent and confident 8. It’s all about stepping into your personal power without being showy or bragging about it. This is about you and you only. You’re not in it for anyone else but you right now. You were never a show-off anyway, Cancer, so we definitely know you’re not going to start now.