Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 23
  • 75

This week you’ll really be tempted to run back into your “shell” and hide because the energies are so wonky but this is a big learning week for you. Not only is it an emotionally charged week (which will be hard on you), it’s a totally different tone and atmosphere than you’re used to.

What you will learn is how to see not only the other side of things but the other side of those around you. It will help you tremendously in understanding their motives and intentions going forward.

Pay attention, Cancer. You’ll learn a lot if you do. (best days 25, 27, 29)

The 23 is the gentler and calmer version of the 5 (2+3=5) so it will assist you in keeping your own emotions in check as you navigate the week. You’ll be somewhat the natural counselor of sorts and this number will greatly assist you in doing so.

The 75 is a blessing in disguise because the deep, philosophical number of truth (7) will help you to analyze the emotional aspects of the week (5). You’ll see everything through the emotional self which is both challenging for you but also rewarding when you work through some of your road blocks, which you will this week.