Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 43
  • 57

You’re the grand-daddy of them all when it comes to emotional control and gaining a rhythm and handle on your emotional body. You had the most mixed up emotional flow (save for Pisces) and you managed to gain such a clarity about it but also a powerful clasp or rein on its flow.

Unlike Pisces, you didn’t change anything, really, it was more about “understanding” your emotions, than anything else. When you take a project on, you do it with gusto, Cancer! You knocked it outta the park because you have the ability to call upon the right emotions at the right time. It’s that easy for you. It’s like leafing through an encyclopedia but it’s in your emotional and mental body. You know right where each emotion is that you require and exactly how much of it to use when to use it and whom to use it on/or with.

It’s an amazing feat of self-control, especially for you, Cancer. The fact that this week’s energy is not showing its “teeth” but rather the much less feisty side of the numbers is a real treat for you since you love showcasing your newly harnessed range of emotional handling. It’s quite impressive but don’t go bragging it up too much since it could backfire in your face. Remember, not all signs have the same emotional control as you and they could be more comparable to loose cannons, amongst such emotionally charged, docile and/or passive energies this week (as each number is showing its more vulnerable side).

Your impatience with sensitive types (even though you’re one yourself) could very well shine through this week. Just because you’re master of your domain doesn’t mean everyone has or is even meant to gain that kind of handle on their emotions. What a boring world it would be then, Cancer?

We’re grateful for your range of emotions and corresponding emotional control but you have to remember the differences of others and allow for that. (best days 23)

The 43 is too good to be true for you this week, Cancer. It leads with the grounding rod number 4 (solid, stable foundational) and followed up by the imaginative, sunny, bright, social butterfly, inspirational and optimistic 3.

Yet, buyer beware. This 3 could turn into an indecisive mess in the negative, causing it to become very self-doubting and self-critical (on the fence with any decision). This, in turn, causes the “doer” 4 to second-guess its actions and course of action. It’s like a domino effect. The key is the 3. Keep it satisfied.

The 57 is a wild one as it dominates with the freedom of expression (number of heart/emotions) 5 and is followed up by the “leap before thinking 7). Keep in mind it can be the other way as well.

The 5 can start to feel the heat from the deep, philosophical number of truth like the 5 is being put under the microscope by the truth-digging 7. This particular number could get out of control fast, so be sure to keep it homed in on the task at hand, and your emotional control prowess, in the control position at all times.

You should make it out of the week alive if you do that.