Aries Predictions January 21st to January 27th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 25
  • 77

Aries, you’re not so soul based but rather more physical based as the sign of the #1 (the success/achievement driven number). Brace yourself, Aries, because the first two days of this week will be quite profound with lots of dredging up relationship history stuff you thought was long dead and buried. The past has a funny way of haunting you if it’s not properly dealt with and closed down.

You’re not exactly the best sign for that kind of finalization of relationship issues or drama so the first day of the week may force out a fair bit of re-experiencing in terms of living out parts of odds and ends of relationship connections that were left hanging on some level. This can include family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, partners, etc. All forms and situations are included for sure in this one, Aries.

You can’t avoid this confrontation. Part of you is actually sighing a big sigh of relief because on a certain level, your heart and mind know it’s been a wedge or wrench in the machine, causing delays and hiccups in your manifestation abilities. You’re a pure “doer” and even you’ve been struggling a bit with pulling things together to bring your ideas to life. It hasn’t been nearly as easy.

Well, after this week, the blockages will set you free as a bird, my love. Just remember, don’t resist. Go with the flow, let it happen as it’s meant to play out. Open the “door” and then let it unravel as it may. This is how you’ll get true closure and can then continue on without that piece of baggage any longer. It’s that simple.

Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be. Most of the rest of the week is focused on your favorite thing – manifesting new things and from a different viewpoint also. A big focus of this manifestation is about opening a new door for new people to enter your life. Hold no expectations and allow your soul to attract who and what it needs to fulfill the next phase. Your heart will never steer any of us wrong, Aries. That’s a big lesson you’ve yet to master.

Your heart is your navigation system and you don’t even know it. You’ll end the week on a positive note with the supportive (2) version of the imaginative and inspirational 3. The 2 will give the 3 a gentle edge that softens its expression from overboard (sometimes the three is its own cheerleader) to practical inspiration.

No unreachable expectations, dreams or goals but that doesn’t mean you’re going to lower your standards for yourself either. You’ll still set the bar high, it will just be broken down in reachable and achievable steps. (best days 23, 27)

The 25 is a special little gem of a number. It’s known to be associated with the angelic realm and often referred to as the “Peter Pan Syndrome” because those who are under its influence in some way have a sparkle in their eye and a glow about them almost like fairy dust. They seem to glow in some way.

Children and animals are always attracted to this particular number vibration. What it will do for you this week, Aries, is give you the ability to dream outside the box and preserve your innocence, magic and belief in the impossible. You already know you’re one of the very few signs that naturally has this “fairy dust magic” about you as an air sign.

You fly amongst the “angels” or in the same atmosphere. Secretly, you do believe anything is possible and so it is.

The 77 can go in two very different directions so be careful! As the deep, philosophical number of truth and the teaching learning number, it can produce an extremely self-reflective period for you this week to dive deep into who and what really belongs in your life at this point and time.

The other side of the 77 is that it could turn into a huge “hindsight learning” experience because 7 is also known as the “leap before thinking” number. In multiples, it’s a double helping of “live and learn”, Aries.

You pick. Choice is always our own option.