Aries Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 5
  • 41

As if you weren’t getting antsy last week with being “grounded” from the vulnerable 2 everywhere. You can’t escape the 2’s this week either but you might get at least one day of reprieve to take lift-off, temporarily.

The week gives you a day’s grace to start, with the pure 20/2 (a day when no outer action should be attempted). It’s obvious, as the most self-reflective energy, going to keep you grounded (as the passive number) but at least you get to just BE and be still with yourself without having to engage in any kind of drama or anything of a physical nature.

As the week gets going, your blessing day is up next – the 3 day. The imaginative, inspirational, sky-is-the-limit optimist number will set you free momentarily to soar throughout your “home base” to explore your mind, dream up new thoughts, ideas, perspectives and more. Enjoy this day to the fullest, Aries.

Don’t waste a drop because it will rejuvenate you to be back in your comfort space, if only for a while. Onward the week flows and downward you come again, and quickly. The Master Builder 22/4 is the father of the single 4 because it’s got the additional power leading it off the double intuitive, supportive, harmonious 2’s.

A 4 that isguided by multiples of 2 is going to want to follow its heart and intuitive side more than the mind when building as the “doer” number. That’s not typical of the single 4 whose normal place on the numerological chart is right in the middle position of the physical plane. The heart is somewhat a foreign space for the 4 as it’s not typically its go-to place to seek answers. That’s why the 22/4 is especially powerful in terms of building fast, big and brilliantly.

As much as you hate feeling stuck on the ground, you have an amazing opportunity to closely examine your foundation through the intuitive 2’s and adjust your foundation accordingly. Think of the 22/4 as a crystal ball that allows you to see how your life is presently set up and lets you experience the feeling of that also. Does yours truly resonate or not? There’s one more hurdle for the week and that’s the relationship realm once more.

This time, however, the 22/4 has some influence on this day as you’ll be looking more at the structure of who is where and why in your world. Do they fit? Are they in the right place in your life? Finally, you hit the 16/7 day where you get to close this chapter and just in time too, as we also close out the ever so sensitive month of February. The grand finale is the number of abundanceand manifestation number 8, the rive of synchronicity.

Put in your order to the universe, Aries, before you take off for the skies once more. The 8 days are always gifts to let it be known to the energetic patterns that make up all things in the universe, which “patterns” you want to bring into your own life. Be careful what you order and be precise and specific because you can’t request a new order after it arrives. (best days 27, 3)

The 5 is going to add a bit more of the uncomfortable vulnerable bind the abundance of 2’s has put you in this month as 5 is the number of the heart and emotions. The thing is though, it’s not what you think. You’re meant to more closely examine parts of your life for proper resonance with the parts of yourself. The 5 doesn’t have to be a mushy-gushy number as you’re going to call up the clarity aspects of the 5. We can always see clearly through the lens of the heart/soul/emotions and the 5 lends us that capability. Don’t be shy to use it as a magnifying glass as it will greatly enable you to accomplish the tasks at hand this week in a timely and proper fashion.

You want to be “free” again as soon as possible, right, Aries? Follow the rules and you can. The 41 is led by the solid, stable, hard-working, cornerstone of the physical realm (in terms of action, building, etc.) Thismakes this number extra powerful though and if you also use this number in its proper form, you’ll breeze through the week with flying colors.

The 4 is backed up by the 1. Normally, the one is the pioneer, the trailblazer, the arrogant and often egotistical number that stands alone or is more detached than most of the rest of the base numbers of 1-9. In this particular order, with the 4 leading the 1, it creates a scenario of the 1 acting as a solid unshakeable support post for the 4 to go out and do its job and do it well. The 1 is like a steadfast solider this week, helping its fellow physical plane number 4 to succeed in building whatever needs to be done for you, Aries.

Count it as a blessing, not a curse, even though the 4 and 1 are extremely grounded and nothing but physical energy (that keeps you locked onto the ground floor). You’ve been dealt a great deal with your lucky numbers this week.

A chance to accelerate your required lesson-learning and get back “home” faster than you would otherwise.