Aries Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction

  • 16

Oh man, Aries. Thiskind of sucks for you. I apologize for theblunt start to your week but not only will you find yourself extra “grounded” (instead of taking flight, just yet) for the first part of the week, taking a peek at your lucky numbers (or just lucky number) is a little daunting (gulp).

Combined with all those 2’s, it could spell trouble in paradise (as if you didn’t have trouble in paradise already being “grounded” for so long). You’re really struggling now with being out of your element for so long and now you’re about to jump with both fit into a sea of swirling sensitive, emotionally-dominant, intuitive, passive, supportive, peaceful 2’s. You're suffering from a bit of anxiety these days so being passive and or peaceful isn’t in your vocabulary right now.

The 2’s will demand that you slow it down, breathe, and open up to allow things to flow in and out of your heart and soul. Now that’s a nightmare for you, Aries, if there were ever one to be described in detail! Antsy to get “flying high” again, racing to the finish line of success, the 2’s are at first going to seem like hurdles in the road but you’ll soon discover, it’s something vital you’ve been needing to add to your equation for a while now.

The balance of ebb and flow has been a harder mastery for you and now you’re about to be put to the official test this week. Can you do it? We’ll soon find out, Aries! Drained and tired, by mid-week, you get to close the trapdoor (16/7 day, turn the chapter, close the door for good) on all the mushy “just be” stuff and move into the second half of the much more exuberant part of the week.

The 8 (abundance), 9 (highest change) and the 1 (new beginnings) is just what you need to take flight finally. Once more you’ll be set free to soar like the eagles as the air sign you are.

That’s your home base for life. (best days 20, 22)

Yikes! Talk about horns clashing with the 2 and the 16! The piece of the puzzle that will save the day in this case though is the fact that the 2 is almost always no-confrontational unless it’s pushed into the negative. Then, instead of doubtless intuition, it becomes the dualistic and codependent nuisance you never wanted in your life.

Here’s the proper way to use the 16 this week to keep that from happening. Each time you go through a day (foundation, career, relationships – in that order) and successfully go over things with a fine-toothed comb and are satisfied with what it is, use the power of the 16/7 to close a “mini door” behind you each step of the way. It will help keep the 16/7 under a sense of structure so it doesn’t have time or room to run amok and wreak havoc.

Voilà! There’s your solution laid out for you, Aries

You’ve now got your mission, go complete it promptly.