Aries Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction

  • 36

Oh no, Aries. All the time spent “grounded” lately, is starting to take its toll on your mental and emotional (and even physical) wellbeing. Being thrown into the week first off into the relationship ring, yet again (which is always a situation to be dealt with on the ground or in the physical realm, not in your airspace), could tip you over the edge.

You MUST keep replaying in your mind, especially the first two days, that this is the grand finale. One last heave-ho and you’re poised to close that tomb door and seal it shut for all eternity. With that in mind, you may just be able to hold it together long enough to go through one last relationship round.

The first and second days are finalizing relationship tidbits with a 6 day and closing the door, turning the chapter on it all with the 16/7 day to follow that. That said, it’s still a daunting task for someone who's had it up to their eyeballs and is near madness to be “airborne” again.

You’ve been out of your element for far too long. Patience is definitely a virtue this week for you, Aries. You know you have to do this, so you might as well suck it up and get it down without much lip service. You’ll be glad you did because you’ll be set free to soar for the remainder of the week to be in your comfort zone and really get to work on discovering who and what are best in your life at this point.

Things have changed A LOT for many signs the past many months and so our needs, wants and priorities have shifted a great deal. Therefore, you have to adjust who can be in your “circle” and who will add to it or subtract from it. The more we evolve, the less patience for negativity we have. Keep that front and center when choosing your picks this week, Aries.

You’re often quick (too quick) on the draw and that’s when you often “choose wrong.” You don’t want to take the scenic route this time so stick to the rules. (best days 12, 16, 17)

The 36 is potentially a negative weapon of mass destruction. When the 3 is drawn downward into the negative vortex of the number of extremes 6, the two together see nothing but pessimistic doom and gloom. That is NOT where you want to end up this week, Aries. Remain fully aware of this little nugget as you work through the week’s agenda. If kept in the positive, you have an optimistic and creative mega-machine to assist you with manifesting in big ways.

The 3 in the positive is the number of inspiration and imagination while the 6 is the creative genius (number of creation). Together they represent the essence of what it means to manifest as a soul in human form. As the saying goes, “What we think about, we bring about.” The 3, as the gateway mind plane number, you can imagine anything you want and then through the creative genius of the 6, bring it to physical fruition. Bingo. The golden egg right there within your weekly lucky numbers. You’ve been given a wild card, my friend, run with it as far as you can and create magic all week long.