Aries Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Prediction February 26th to March 4th 2017

  • 47

You’re grounded my friend. You’re so grounded you might get a little restless.

The energy wants you to contemplate and consolidate all that’s been going on. Your saving grace is the fact that there’s a change in the month’s energy and you can utilize it in any way you want to.

The first of the month is always the highest change energy. (best days 28, 03)

You can’t stay grounded for long and the 47 is the epitome of action energy as the two most active numbers on the physical plane.

The 4 is practical yet called the “doer” and the 7 leaps before thinking.

You’re all set to make this week more than it might have been had you received another lucky number. This is an Aries number.