Aquarius Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 57
  • 64

Aquarius, you went from a follower to a leader, to put it bluntly. You thought you needed a group atmosphere to feel comfortable, but you’ve finally realized and fully embraced your true calling of a solo leader.

That doesn’t mean you’re isolated from others at all and in fact, interdependence is something you frequently utilize. A real leader knows that building an empire takes a village but not necessarily having those people be full-time in the picture. They come in, do their part and move on.

Many authentic leaders such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and many more have fully disclosed their reliance on interdependence in order to accomplish things they weren’t good at. We can’t be good at everything, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I can’t draw a stick figure, therefore all my graphic design is set out of house.

Delegation, interdependence and prioritizing are all huge lessons you’ve grown into this year. This week of career and relationship focused days (the entire week) is a bit different for you, Aquarius. The first part of the week, starting with the Master Builder 22/4 (significant foundation building or restructuring) is more about solidifying your outlook and impression of your own foundation and what it has evolved into.

This goes for your connections with others. You’ve had a tremendous amount of shifting in terms of people moving out of your life and new people moving in, who match the “new” you. The whole week is really focused much more on coming to terms with who you are and examining that from close up (first part of the week) and from a distance (last part of the week).

Doing so will really give you the ability to finalize your vision of what’s next and your place in the scheme of things, in all areas of like, really. It’s a big week of realizations and breakthroughs, to say the least.

An important week for you, Aquarius, as we finish the first month of 2018 and take our first steps into the 2-focused month of February which will bring a whole different ballgame – but you’ll be ready. (best days 1).

The 57 will absolutely assist you with being emotional open and vulnerable to crack the shell of the heart and allow a view inside what makes Aquarius tick. The 7 in the weaker position usually points to distrust and a skepticism of sorts but this week the 7 will stand in its strength of trust – both of your inner self and outer world (trust of others). It’s a gorgeous energy for you, Aquarius, perfection to be honest.

The 64 is all about leading with the grandeur view of things (6 is the creative visionary) and the 4 in the inner location is docile in terms of action but steadfast in supportive foundational energy, solid, stable, honest and trustworthy influence to allow you to fully embrace the “vision” you’re shown through the grand scope of things 6.

Your world is all coming together in one fowl swoop, Aquarius. The dots are finally joining and it now makes sense to not only you but everyone else too.

Sometimes it’s all about timing, Aquarius. Now’s the time.