Aquarius Predictions February 25th to March 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 13
  • 65

You’re turned into somewhat of your own “gatekeeper” due to your transformation into a solo operator in many ways. You’re definitely not a “loner” by any means and have still retained that sense of community or team player attitude. It’s just that you’ve been focused intently on developing your separate identity, which is something you didn’t have before.

This week you take it the final step and it’s actually quite pivotal to your long-term success with what you’ve transformed into so far. The first day is a much-needed day of quiet solitude (20/2), when not much in the way of anything except being with me, myself and I are going on.

Day two – thus it begins. The analytical and mind-based 3 with the footing-shifting 4, will help you take the steps necessary to pair up with the career/passion/purpose centered number of the heart/emotions (5) and the starting/ending/changing number of relationships (6). What’s the pairing up of these numbers all about? It’s for you to decide which pieces of the puzzle you’re missing and fill in the blanks in those 5 and 6 areas. Also, it’s for figuring out what needs to be trimmed from the puzzle because they’re pieces that no longer fit in the bigger picture of that puzzle.

The end result is a puzzle that isn’t yet completed but doesn’t have missing pieces nor any wrongfully placed pieces either. This indicates a smooth construction ofthe puzzle from this point forward. Sounds easy, doesn’t it, Aquarius? I’m afraid this shift/prune week will throw a few pebbles in the road, particularly where the cutting back and/or out of the people whose “contracts” have ended with you.

You each no longer serve each other’s higher good but it might not be clearly understood by the other party at first. This could lead to a not-so-clean break but you have to remember, you’re doing it for their best interests too.

They’ll figure it out at the point on the path that they’re supposed to, but take heart that they will eventually realize you were doing it out of love not hate at all. (best days 20, 23)

The 13 (the infamous unlucky number) marries up the pioneering, trailblazing 1 with the inspirational, imaginative and social butterfly 3. This number will help you keep forging ahead with your chin up and holding tight to the ability to continue doing what is required of you this week. It’s not going to be a favorite week you’ll want to reminisce about but you’ll remember it because it was a crucial element in the next phase for you.

Without this week occurring, you run the risk of going around in circles or hindsight learning (and taking the scenic route) as well as extra learning lessons thrown your way unnecessarily. No one, especially you, Aquarius, wants that.

The 65 bestows the gift of the creative visionary so that you can use the wide window view of the bigger picture to see everything at once. This gives you the ability to see the when, why, how, etc. of the timeline of your upcoming decision-making and choices.

The extra bonus is that it’s tied to the number of the heart/emotions, but not in a chaotic or intense emotional way because the 5 is more subdued in the inner or weaker position. Consider it more of an undertone to all you do this week.