Aquarius Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 13
  • 65

Aquarius, you’ve come so far, we’d hate to see it all crumble on you now. These bombarding 2’s this week will challenge you to the core though. It will have you waiver at some points. As the strong sign we’ve witnessed you morph into over the past many months, we were all like proud parents watching you blossom and cheering from the sidelines. To have to see any backtracking could potentially break our hearts.

There is a saving grace to this story though, Aquarius. You’ve become stronger and more reserved with your emotional expression (or so it seemed) but really, it has been the opposite of that. When we truly step into our personal power and live our most authentic self, our emotions become just as transparent as we have become.

Yet the interesting phenomenon is that although we can literally “see” into your heart and soul and you have no problems with sharing how you feel at any given time, there is a blind and unwavering faith that goes along with that. It is an internal strength that affirms to you constantly that you are protected and there is shield or barrier to prevent others’ energy from infiltrating your own. This is truly when miracles start to occur in your life and you’re full-on in the river of synchronicity. The moral of the story is that this week when knee deep in the emotionally sensitive waters of the many 2’s, you have a shield or barrier of protection.

Not to inhibit or dampen your emotional response and connectedness, but to allow for pure sharing without overlapping with anyone or anything else. It may sound backward but having a barrier allows you to shine brighter and be more of your authentic self because you know it’s just your energy radiating from within and not mixed with the negative emotional debris of others.

That’s your success story this week, Aquarius. Lead the way and show us how it’s properly executed. (best days 20, 23)

The 13 will allow you to keep your distance at first (the stand-alone 1) but once deep into the week, you can shift that 1 from its pioneering, isolated, achievement and detached side to the verbal self-expression side of things. The trouble is with many signs that in the midst of an overload of sensitive and intuitive 2’s, they clam up and don’t want to talk or share their emotional self.

When in fact, sharing your emotions is an instinctive human response we’ve forgotten about temporarily. Through utilizing the open communication aspect of the 1, it will assist in keeping the 3 in a positive space of optimism, imagination and a bright light to highlight your clear communication of emotions. Sounds like a winner with the 13, Aquarius.

The 65 is thankfully just naturally a more positive combination of numbers (meaning the 5 usually doesn’t fall into the dark side so easily in this pair) with the creative visionary 6 in the lead to give you the grand scope view, the 5 turns up the dial on the clarity factor. It’s a beautiful combination, Aquarius. Work it, doll.