Aquarius Predictions February 11th to February 17th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 17
  • 26

Now that we’ve seen a more intimate side of you once more (haven’t really in a while), this week may allow us one last glimpse into the vulnerable side of Aquarius. That’s not to say you’re putting your “armor” on, you’re still sensitive, intuitive, empathetic and all those wonderful traits, it’s just that you’ve been standing strong and tall in your personal power and therefore have not shown a level of vulnerability like this before, actually.

Previously, your vulnerable moments were more frequent but only because you were learning the ropes of regaining your personal power once more. It was more so a fear-based vulnerability (or that you were frightened in that open state). Now, your vulnerability still has an air of strength to it, as though you’re allowing yourself to be open rather than having no choice in the matter.

Dealing with the final pieces of the layered relationship journey over the past many weeks will be like walking on easy street. Even though some of what you pick up could seem like a pebble but turn into a boulder in the palm of your hand. You can handle it though, Aquarius. Anything that comes your way, even in an open and more vulnerable heart-centered state, your authenticity and personal strength will know just what to do with any and all situations.

After closing that chapter on the second day, with the assistance of the shock and awe, dramatic 16/7, you’ll be off to the races to continue to shapeshift the new you as well as your new empire emerging. Frankly, you’ve been the “sign to watch” for some time now and we all can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring forth in you. It’s a “coming home” year for you, Aquarius.

If you’re not sure what that means yet, you will. (best days 14, 15)

The 17 is written as the 17/8 and is called the God Frequency (the word God vibrates to the 1+7=8). It can be a vulnerable, soul-searching number or a detached and stand-alone one, depending on its use. Broken down, it’s the pioneer, verbal self-expression number (1), the truth-seeker or deep, philosophical number of truth (7) and when added together (1+7=8), form the number of the “knowledge-bearer” (8).

In the negative however the 1 turns into the stand-alone, ego-based, success-driven number, the 7 is all about distrust of the self and distrust of others (doubtful and skeptical) and the 8 is more of an arrogant, assertive, overly confident “know-it-all.” Take your pick, Aquarius. You’ve become one of the most powerful manifesters in the zodiac so we’ve convinced you’ll make the ultimate god-like creator number work in your favor.

The 26 is a flip-floppy little slippery bugger. It can easily move from independence to codependence (2 in the positive or negative) and with the number of extremes in the negative, the vortex of pessimistic, critical thinking and judgmental behavior is just a stone’s throw away. If kept in the positive though, it’s the creative visionary that will give you the eagle’s eye view of the week as a whole picture. A worthy trait to pursue, indeed. We have faith you’ll easily capture the situation and set things right as rain.

All eyes are on you, Aquarius. Many are learning through your example alone. No pressure intended, just continue to be you, mistakes and all. You’re only human too.