Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 15
  • 36

Aquarius, this week is really an opportunity to show us in full color how much you’ve actually grown. It’s a showcase of the Aquarian rule. The first three days are a lonely, deep, possibly darker journey, no group ventures here, Aquarius. This is where you show us that you can go into the depths of yourself and your life without the help of anyone but you.

The strength that emanates from you now is almost overpowering. You’ve become a real leader, a pioneer, solo flyer. That doesn’t mean you still can’t work well in a team environment – you’ll never lose that ability. It does mean that we finally get to see up close, the Aquarius that has been quietly and slowly blossoming over the past year.

The moment of truth, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…and you’ll nail it. That’s a given. This will be like a natural movement or flow through for you to go to the depths of yourself and back – taking a close look and a view from a distance too. You get to utilize all that you’ve learned through blood, sweat, and tears. It’s your moment to shine bright, Aquarius.

Be the example to the world that you’ve been growing into becoming. You’re a leader who wants to lead by example and that you are. There isn’t really anything for you to change or alter this week but the movement from the depths and back is change enough to show your level of growth in its full beauty.

Wow, Aquarius. You’re magnificent and capable of way more than you ever gave yourself credit for. Your transformation has been spectacular and you certainly lead by example, if that’s what you were aiming for.

Score. (best days 16, 18, 20)

The 15 is your official “test” number because it leads with the pioneering, isolated, trailblazer 1 but the emotional-based (heart/emotions number) 5 is in the weaker position so it will possibly dredge up some underlying, untapped emotional issues that haven’t been fully dealt with. Have you truly worked through it all, Aquarius? The 15 will tell all.

The 36 is the most negative form of the 9 (3+6=9) which is both the highest change number and the humanitarian number. Due to the fact that the 3 and 6 can have nasty negative sides, if they both dive into that side of things, the 9 also becomes the stubborn, determined, black/white, right/wrong number of justice-seeking. The 3 is self-doubting and self-critical while the 6 can be pessimistic and critical.

The 9 is, of course, asjudgmental as can be. All three in unison is a turbulent situation indeed. If you’ve actually changed as much as we think you have, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever making sure the 36/9 stays afloat in the positive realm because it has a slippery slope toward the negative (naturally).

Your subtle yet commanding newly found leadership skills will take the wheel and steer clear of any negative energy this week and going forward. There’s no place for that in your life anymore, Aquarius.

You know that better than wedo.