Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 22
  • 78

Aquarius, you started the year one way and are ending it almost a completely different person in so many ways. You’re all grown up, kid. No longer do you need to rely on your talent to work with groups. It was once your gift and also support system at the same time. That’s not to say you can’t still work with groups but in a vastly different way than before. You’re the one to walk in and show them how it’s done rather than be the one who is more a gentle nudger who is, for the most part, a member of the group and not much more.

This time, as you finish off the year, you’re more than prepared to step into your new role as leader but you’re by no means the “dictator” yet you’re not the docile (sometimes pushover) leader you used to be. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a gentle nudger but for a powerful force like the Aquarian energy, you’ve finally recognized your powers fully and completely. It’s an incredible thing to watch your transformation and to see in the end, you stand tall in your unique leadership skill set. It’s not comparable to any other sign and that’s the beauty of it all.

You’ve got your own way and you beat to the rhythm of your own drum, that’ hasn’t changed. What has changed is that you’ve recognized your self-worth and value, which is a powerfully transformative achievement and we’re totally super proud of you, Aquarius. You’ve led by example and inspired many this year, darling.

2018 is going to be you stepping out and up even further into the true leader you were born to be. Amazing! (best days 19, 23)

The 22/4 is the strong Master Builder energy but it’s led by the passive, supportive, intuitive, sensitive double 2’s. This means you’re definitely a guide to help others discover how to build and/or rebuild or revamp their platform, framework, etc. but it’s done through your own unique gentler way. You don’t tell as much as you “show”. Leading by example is your best teaching method of all.

The 78 represents your truth-centered, yet introspective thinker who goes within to plan, make decisions and sketch it all out before you share your goals with anyone. The 8 that follows the 7 is less the dominant, assertive, confident leader and more about the solid, strong, stable knowledge-bearer. You just know what you know and you don’t know how you know it. When you’re in your zone, wisdom pours from your mouth. Not to TELL but to encourage, show and guide.

True leaders come in all shapes and sizes and you’ve definitely got your own unique way to do so.