Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 13
  • 65

As an almost co-dependent team player (needing groups to work within, rarely alone), you’ve come so far with plucking your own identity out of the crowd and growing it into an individual presence. You’re now able to separate yourself from the group mentality and work successfully, independently at any time now. That’s big-time growth if we’ve ever witnessed such a thing.

This week, it will really test your ability to remain independent because it will have you exploring the more intricate and intertwined (detailed, hidden secrets). Don’t let this scare you and cause you to run to your “old” comfort zone. Once you realize you don’t need anyone else or any shoulders/crutches to lean on, it’s harder to shift back to the “old” again, so we’re fairly comfortable that you’ll remain in a good position throughout the week.

The more sensitive side of you, that you’ve gained a good sense of guidance with, may frustrate you this week as you move through the more thought-provoking, feeling-focused days. Each has their own story to tell you. Think of it as being on a journey to another plane of existence or reality. This way, it might not be as scary to you to dive in and get going.

Either way, Aquarius, we’re not overly worried about you and how you’ll handle the week. You’re the best at following your gut and going with the flow. You may seem submissive but it’s similar to saying, “Behind every great leader is a 2.” The 2 is passive, supportive, cooperative and content to remain behind the scenes (and doesn’t like to create a scene) but only to a point.

If pushed too far, you’ll quickly shape-shift your outlook and nip whatever needs to be rectified, in the bud. (best days 20, 23)

The 13 is often thought of in many cultures as the “unlucky number” but in actuality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Led by the pioneer but also the number of verbal self-expression (1), it’s about communication of ourselves, our ideas (3), thoughts, feelings (processed through the mind plane). What really makes it a “lucky” number is that the 1 and 3 add to the 4, the practical, solid, stable, foundational number which is considered the heart or “middle” pillar number of the physical plane. If that doesn’t sound lucky to me, I’m not sure what number would compare?

This practical-based number will give you the grounded vibe you need to keep your head on straight throughout the week.

The 65 is a bit trickier because although it leads with the mental-based creative visionary 6, the 6 is also tagged as the “number of extremes” with a strong positive and a strong potential negative side.

The fact that it’s backed by the erratic, free-flowing number of the heart and emotions (5), which happens to be in the more negative space (inner spot), the chances of this 5 becoming moody, controlling, dominating and chaotic, is quite possible.

Thus, this would push the “number of extremes” 6 to jump onboard with the 5 by opting to focus more on pessimism, criticalness, judgmental and possibly even a bit volatile at times.

The choice is yours though, Aquarius. You have the power to choose positive or negative in any situation.

Show us how far you’ve come, baby.