Aquarius Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions October 22nd to October 28th 2017

  • 1
  • 16
  • 69

You’re one of the few signs, if not the only one, who is turning the page on relationships in a different way at the beginning of the week. It’s more about closing the door on the “old” you in terms of the relationship with yourself or how you viewed yourself. Aside from the “relationship” number, the 6 is also the visionary number that bestows on you the ability to see the greater scope of everything all at once.

In doing so, you get to see who you were, what you’re becoming and who you could become – all at the same time. It’s a lot to take in at once but it’s surely enough for you to want to turn the page on all the old patterns, behaviors and beliefs of the past. You’re so done with it all because you recognize how much it’s holding you back like shackles and chains. One thing you don’t do well with is being restrained. You’re a supportive sign to an extent but when the line is crossed and you feel used and abused, it’s on.

Other signs would be surprised to learn you have a strong self of self-respect that you fiercely protect when push comes to shove. This week is definitely a “shove” week and it’s time for you to wipe the deck clean with one foul swoop. You can have endless patience but when you feel cornered, you’re extremely quick to get yourself out the situation in a really big hurry.

Consider this a turning point week and a groundbreaking growth week also. Leaps and bounds, Aquarius, leaps and bounds. (best days 26, 28)

You’re one of just a couple of signs that can move back and forth between working in a team environment and being a solo flyer, depending on what the situation calls for. As of late, you’ve gravitated toward the solo flyer path more so but your endless experiences working alongside others has taught you so much about how many types of people operate on many levels.

This makes it so much easier for you to swiftly and efficiently rid your life of the baggage, situations and people that no longer fit into the new life you’re forging. The 1 is a stand-alone number representing the trailblazer and achiever. It is often referred to as the ego number and it is the only number not divisible by any other number. It achieves success solely on its own.

This powerful force to be reckoned with is at your disposal this week as your first lucky number. It’s really the energy you need to be blunt, to the point and cut it off quickly with very little aftershocks. The 16 is also another number that doesn’t fool around. It’s the volatile inner change 16 that wants you to turn the page from the inside out. It has a one-track purpose and is only for the purpose of rapid, profound and life-changing action. The next chapter is upon you now, Aquarius.

The 69 is a no-fail change energy because you get to have the eagle’s eye view (6) of all the things, areas, etc. that require big or small change or anything in between. All details are exposed in order to allow you to have all the facts to make the exact and perfect decisions for you.