Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 17th to June 23rd 2018

  • 50
  • 61

Libra, you’ve been all over the board these past many months. From content to irritable to just plain nasty. This week, it’s the culmination of all the phases you’ve moved through on this journey you’ve been on. It’s all being drawn up together like a drawstring.

Even the things that didn’t seem like they were related, reveal themselves and their actual role. Some are stunning but wonderful. It’s a discovery week and a happy week for you, Libra. You’re glad it’s not ultra-focused on sensitive matters any longer and re-incorporating more of the mental and physical aspects once more, finally, after all these many months.

You did it, Libra. You made it. Give yourself a pat on the back. You moved through it all with much more grace, ease and diligence than we all anticipated.

Sometimes you can really shock and awe, Libra. It’s your secret weapon. (Best Days 20).

The 50 would have been a scary number for you in the past but it’s a welcome energy this week. It allows you to showcase your growth and evolution in the realm of the heart and emotions because 5 is the number of the heart/emotions/soul but being 50, its message is amplified even louder by the zero, which is the symbol of the infinite or spiritual awareness but also acts as a “neon” sign to highlight the number(s) preceding it.

We get you, loud and clear and know full well the hard work and endless effort you’ve put in to become the balanced Libra you needed to be – not the balanced Libra you thought you were supposed to be. BIG difference.

The 61 is an interesting like gem this week. The motherly nurturer, creative visionary 6 (connects dots or the bigger picture for others) is partnered up with the pioneering, trailblazing, stand-alone 1 that is much more focused on the ego, detached side of itself when in the inner or weaker position.

Be extra cautious of this one, Libra. That 1 could quite easily pull the number of extremes 6 into a negative spiral you definitely don’t want or need right now.

Keep the 1’s focus on forging ahead, focusing on building new pathways for the new and improved Libra.