Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 27th to June 2nd 2018

  • 4
  • 32

Balance, balance, balance. That’s your thing, we know, but when it comes to the realm of emotions, balance is virtually non-existent. It just doesn’t operate like that. Emotions, at face value, seem unpredictable and unreliable when in reality, their our precise inner compass.

Following your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction, despite the general consensus of society. Think back to any situation where, in that moment, you had a hesitancy or doubt. It wasn’t what you thought in the moment that you remember, it’s always about how you felt, that you vividly recall.

You “knew” in that moment, your heart was saying one thing, when your head was saying other. Following your heart is always the correct pathway – always. Balancing of your emotions is a difficult task to master and besides, why would you even want to do that?

Follow your heart’s lead and you’re golden, Libra. (Best Days 28, 31).

The practical, solid, stable, grounded, loyal, trustworthy and “doer” 4 is perfect to go along with your need for “balance”. It will bring you balance, in a sense, but you have to delve deeper into to your more vulnerable side in order to find that sense of equilibrium you crave. Great news, Libra.

The 4 is also referred to as the “bridge”, which highlights or illuminates the step by step progression toward the goals you seek to achieve. Allowing you to see that it can be broken off into chewable and doable pieces.

The 32 is much more emotionally charged as the 32 adds to 5 (3+2=5), the more unpredictable, flip-floppy version of the 5 (number of heart/emotions). It can slip between codependence and independence very rapidly and easily. Sometimes leaving you feeling a little dazed and confused (and possibly a tad nauseous from all the constant unpredictable movement).

It’s quite the opposite of your comfort zone of equilibrium. It will give you a real run for your money this week, Libra. Once again, you’re shown another version of what equilibrium can look like – it can come in all shapes and forms, just like people can.

Your beliefs and opinions you once held on the topic of what equilibrium is has drastically busted wide open to encompass so much more than you ever thought equilibrium was all about. An eye-opening month of May it has been, darling Libra.

You’ve weathered the storm well though, I’ll give you that one.