Libra Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 24
  • 41

Darling, PMS doesn’t last for months. Your grumpy attitude (peeved at the world) has returned a bit this week, mostly because you’re becoming impatient. You’re more of a bohemian flowing sign now since you learned equilibrium has many forms, not just in the middle (boring!).

What do you have to be grumpy about anyway, Libra? Your ability to go with the flow will be your hero and be saving grace to survive the remaining introspect weeks. Perk up, buttercup.

Pick your battles with the universe – this isn’t one of them. Consider yourself grateful.

You still have a sense of “control” and no fear about where the weeks are leading you, so ditch the attitude and put a smile on that mug! (Best Days 23, 27).

The 24 is a possible negative number or the more negative prone version of the 6 (2+4=6). This is because the passive, supportive, cooperative number of peace, harmony, and cooperation (2) is “bullied” by the impatient, instant-gratification-seeking, power hungry (money, power, greed) and self-indulgent negative-focused 4. Plus, the 2 and 4 add to the potentially “negative vortex”, the number of extremes, 6 (2+4=6).

Hidden in there is the relationship number 6 (starting, ending, changing relationships). It could create a little chaos in your life for a red-hot second, Libra, but you can handle it and bring things back into alignment.

The 41 has the solid, stable, practical, grounded, orderly, organizational, foundation number 4 is in the lead, with the stand-alone 1 in a close second position. This 1 would be more prone to the ego-traits (doesn’t work well with others, wants to operate separately, pioneer, trailblazer). It’s a bit of a tug of war game but that 1 might just win over the 4 and could cause some frustrated and ego-based moments, actions, behaviors, which could be avoided if you keep the 4 dominate over the weaker positioned 1.

Keep your power with you and intact this week, Libra. Remember, you’re the master of equilibrium, so you have the power to keep these number sequences from getting out of hand.

If you do, you’ve got it made in the shade and the week will be a spin on the street.