Geena Davis by Michelle Arbeau

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Lucky Number Predictions for Geena Davis

  • 4
  • 6
  • 56

Geena Davis has been a huge success in the acting world. She’s starred in many major films and roles, that we can’t question. However, taking a look at her chart paints an intriguing story.

First of all, she has a good helping of mind plane numbers (6, 9) aswell as soul plane numbers (2 and 5, the most sensitive soul plane numbers). Yet on the physical plane, she just has multiple 1’s, the number of verbal self-expression. This means that her physical power lies just in the communication part as 1 is the verbal number. She’s missing the two biggest chunks to get things underway and accomplished. This definitely indicates she’s had help with bringing her ideas to fruition.

Her learning level is that of the physical plane and manifesting her ideas into tangible goals and dreams. This is where she would have hit the most hurdles and stumbling blocks.

Her early life started with an outward focused Peak Cycle of 4, meaning it was likely focused in on career and materialistic things of that nature.

Followed by that, she went through a part relationship-shifting, part creativity focused cycle of 9 years (the 6 cycle). Then, at the age of 47 to 56, she hit her stride again in a big way with the 10 cycle, the number of communication but also the mentoring number. Now, at age 56 and onward, she’s in a foundation shifting 4 Peak Cycle for 9 years and beyond (as we keep the last one until death).

The first part of the cycle would have been spent clearing the runway for new growth and change. The second half, is now spent rebuilding her empire but likely in a different way.

We shouldn’t be surprised in the least to find that Geena is embracing a new pathway aside from the traditional acting/performing she’s done in the past. We may just get to see a vastly different side of her as she’s a 25/7 Life Path meaning she does things her way and often beats to the rhythm of her own drum.

The 7’s ultimately like to work with their hands because that’s where their power lies or is exuded. We shall see what the future holds for Geena but one thing’s for sure, someone of her talented caliber and long-term success plus the fact she’s an acting “leaping” 7, points to the fact that she’s surely not done yet and is probably in the process of reinventing the wheel.

Excited to see what’s next for her!

Happy Birthday, Geena!