Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions May 20th to May 26th 2018

  • 22
  • 76

As the "grandfather" of the emotional world, you're an old soul when it comes to knowing how to navigate the emotional waters. You've come a long way though, Cancer. You used to retreat into your shell, in order to avoid any emotional confrontations, but no longer do you require that form of protection - very little to no protection assistance is required now.

You've developed your own ability to handle emotionally challenging situations, starting from within yourself and moving outward. You don't require tangible items to shield you, nor do you need to play the disappearing act. The sense of personal power, protection, and strength rises forth from deep within now.

The best part is that you know how to call it out on demand. It's a super-hero power you've got control over. Now that's impressive, Cancer. You've got a thing or two to teach signs like Scorpio and Pisces. They're doing great but you, the older and wiser one, could amplify or supercharge their efforts.

Cancer, just when you think you're bombarded enough already with emotions this week, you're given one more challenge thrown on top. The 22/4 is the Master Builder but its strength and force of it are the double intuitive 2's, which are the most sensitive of the soul plane numbers. It's great for navigating the 4 and intuitively building your empire that way, but in more intimate andemotionally charged situations, it can be so powerfully sensitive, too much so.

The 76, thankfully, is much less emotionally fixated. It's more of a doer energy than anything else. The 7 is the "leap before thinking" number and 6 is the number of creativity, the visionary number and the number of extremes. In the more negative space, the 6 is prone to extremes of negative symptoms, like critical and judgemental thinking, pessimism, gossipy and/or drama-focused behaviors.

Your lucky numbers this week are fairly polar opposite in their essences and also in their purpose, they're meant to serve you this week. The 22/4 is intuition-led building, while the 76 gives you the courage to leap because the visionary number (6), illuminates the journey prior.

You'll see, Cancer, how they'll all work themselves into the right positions at the right time.