Cancer Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions April 22nd to April 28th 2018

  • 13
  • 33

You’re like the wise one of the group now. You’ve not only grown exponentially, that growth has also allowed you to expand your consciousness to a level of not only knowing yourself but becoming more tuned into others on multiple levels. Your understanding of life, in general, has exploded to a whole other level. You see things from a different perspective now, through different lenses.

You rarely recede into your “shell” anymore and have spent the majority of your time standing tall outside your “armor.” Normally that would be a very vulnerable place for you to remain for long periods of time (outside your shell), but you don’t feel unsafe at all. Actually, you’re getting used to the freedom outside your armor, but it’s not because you like to stand vulnerable (“naked”), it’s time for you to start sharing your wisdom with others.

You sure can’t do that from the comfort of your box…I mean shell. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to experience your emotions in such a wide-open free “space?” You’ve learned a completely different way to express your emotional safety, a way that is best paired with who you’ve been becoming.

You’re like a snake and “shedding” your old skin. Now that you’ve had a taste of freedom, there’s no turning back, Cancer. (Best Days 24, 25).

The 13 leads with the number of communication, success, action. The hurdle or stumbling block is the 3 in the inner or weaker position. In more of a negative space, the 3 is indecisive, self-doubting and self-critical. Together, they create the solid, stable, secure, foundation number 4 (symbolized by the square and its four sides.

The 13 isn’t really an “unlucky” number if you focus more of your attention on the foundational 4 that isn’t wishy-washy or uncertain.

The 33 is a much bigger concern since you’re a very feeling sign. The double 3’s in the positive can create an overabundance of inspiration, imagination, memory, social butterfly, 3 and when added together, form the number of creativity or creation expression (6). You can achieve limitless success when all three numbers are in the positive.

However, in the negative, the double 3’s turn into a neurotic nightmare (indecisive, wishy-washy, self-doubting, self-critical) and the 6 shifts from creative to cranky, critical, Negative Nelly, judgmental, pessimistic, gossipy, mess or vortex of swirling negativity that can grab hold of you and pull you deep, often needing a rope to be pulled free.

With all your might, Cancer, keep these 3 numbers in the positive, using your innate intuitive/emotional sense as your compass, to ensure they all stay in equilibrium. Actually, you want the 3’s to be higher than the 6.