About Michelle Arbeau

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally renowned Celebrity Numerologist, radio and TV host, author and inspirational speaker. Her clientele includes actors from Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, The Big Bang Theory as well as NBC directors and celebrity stylists.

As founder and host of Authentic You Media, an online radio and TV network, Michelle aims to inspire others to live their lives with authenticity. Top authors, celebrities and influential speakers have all featured as guests on the Authentic You network.

On her radio show, Life By the Numbers, Michelle looks at topics through the lens of numbers and covers subjects such as celebrity news, current affairs and spiritual growth. Michelle is a media favorite and repeat guest on national stations including: CTV Morning Live, CBC Radio and Breakfast Television.

In addition to her TV and radio work, Michelle is an accomplished author of two critically acclaimed books and is a columnist for a variety of national and international publications.

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