Virgo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 20
  • 47

You’re the one sign who can really shimmy between the planes of existence (mind, soul/emotional, physical) with much more ease and grace than the rest of the signs. You’re sort of a transient who has learned to “be” in any situation or circumstance.

You’re quite adaptable when you want to be (the key is when you want to be). This week will be quite fun for you, actually. Not many have seen both sides of the spectrum in terms of the number energies, all at once (sequential, each day, each number’s opposing side). It won’t be a difficult week for you, just a very curious and lesson-learning one. It will be like reading a fictional self-help book, closing the book, and saying, “Wow”, because of all the takeaways you’ll come through the week with. Talk about major insight, Virgo.

It’s a life-changing week but it’s fun for you, too. That combination of experience types really doesn’t come around very often at all (life-changing but fun too). Be sure to fully enjoy every moment this week, Virgo. It’s a treat week and you get to go exploring on a scavenger hunt to find many shiny new gems and treasures.

Go nuts! (best days 19, 22).

The 20 pretty well summarizes your mood for the week – calm, cool and collected. There aren't any feelings of nervousness, impatience, fear, apprehension, anxiety or anything of the sort.

The pure 20/2 is so mellow and chill because its qualities are passivity, sensitivity, support, peace, harmony, cooperation. It’s about as non-drama as you can get. This is you, this week, Virgo. It makes sense you’d be given this number sequence because you need to hold that kind of space throughout the whole week – and you will. The 47, broken down, is practical, realistic, grounded, solid, stable, foundational.

The 7 is the truth-seeker, the deep, philosophical number of truth – always searching for the deeper meaning. That’s your only mission this week, anyway, Virgo. Added together, the 4 and 7 equals 11, the highest spiritual number (Spiritual Guide). It puts soulful learning above success-driven (for money, power, greed, etc.) actions. The shock and awe of it though? The 11 also reduces to a 2 (1+1=2).

Essentially, this week you’ve got some awesome docile, chill, cool, calm and collected (and supportive) 2’s. You couldn’t ask for better, considering your mission, Virgo.

Blessed you are, right now.