Virgo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 12
  • 56

Virgo, you can be a sensitive bug anyway, so taking a deeper dive into the less technical and more emotional/philosophical side of your next steps in life is much easier for you than the more practical and/or stubborn signs. In fact, you’re actually looking forward to a week like this because you DO suspect something is missing.

It might only be a tiny tidbit but it could end up being so much more, you just never know. The great thing is that you understand the “why” behind this week. No frustration for you here. You’re probably one of the very few signs that will not only take your time to explore all that each day has to offer in terms of taking you deeper but getting the most information out of it all at the same time.

The funny thing is, Virgo, you’re a sign that truly gets it all and the meaning behind it but you’ll find by the end of the week there really wasn’t much you needed to change or modify at all. A big part of this is your patient temperament when you want to exude that quality. You spent a good deal of time, care and love in putting together your future goals and dreams for the New Year and that careful diligence has paid off in a big way.

This week for you, Virgo will be more about viewing your goals/dreams from a different angle and that’s never a bad thing. If anything, it will give you a different way to use your talents, methods of action and certain atmospheres you tend to create in various situations going forward.

More knowledge for the knowledge bank this week, Virgo. Knowledge is power, as they say. (best days 17, 19).

Isn’t that interesting, Virgo? We had just mentioned how it was more about gaining insight from a different perspective than anything else for you this week and low and behold, your first lucky number is the whole/complete number of unity, 12/3.

This absolutely indicates that this different viewing angle will really drive it home and bring it all together in your mind, body, and soul. You’ll connect your dots, that’s for certain. The 56 will not only keep you in the zone of “freedom of expression” or open to the possibilities but it also keeps you in the loving, caring and more patient energy as the number of heart and emotions leads in this two-digit lucky number (56).

The one trickster that could have the potential to trip you up is that 6 in the inner/weaker position. The number in the inner spot usually gravitates toward its more negative traits and for the 6, that’s pessimism, critical thinking, judgmental behavior, gossipy, and the opposite of its positive side (seeing the bigger picture) by seeing a closed down view of the limitless potential in life.

We need not worry though, Virgo, you’re quite an “aware” sign and know better when those strong numbers like the “number of extremes” triesto tear down your empire.

You’re privy to the game, wise soul.