Virgo Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions November 19th to November 25th 2017

  • 42
  • 52

Virgo, the intensity of energy this week isn’t what has you worried. You know you can handle it. What has you concerned is that some of the other signs will come running to have you save them when they get in over their heads.

Not that you don’t enjoy helping others in this way (because you do), it’s just that you can already sense a feeling of bombardment that could have you feeling flustered and stressed, not able to even have a moment to concentrate on your own priorities.

Pick your battles wisely this week, Virgo. You can’t save them all so reserve your energy for those who not only can most benefit from your help but more importantly, those who appreciate it the most.

You’re big on respect – to give it is to receive it. Respect to you is like trust to a Scorpio. (best days 23, 25).

The 42 is going to help you keep your head on straight and focused on a balance of both your worlds (the inner and outer). The practical 4 has your nose to the grindstone but the intuitive 2 behind it gentle nudges it along using intuitive senses as your main navigation systems.

The 52 on the other hand, will allow you the freedom to keep the door open for possibilities (5) and spontaneity this week (you’ll need it, trust me) but again, the 2 is gently nudging from the backside, utilizing the intuitive parts of you to steer the boat from an emotional level. It’s not chaotic to do it like that, it’s a natural human reaction.

Or emotions are our built-in navigation system, despite what society would have us believe.