Taurus Predictions January 28th to February 3rd 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 32
  • 67

Taurus, you’ll likely be the iratest of all the signs this week because you’re yet again seemingly redoing work you thought you’d dealt with several times over. Before you get on your righteous soap box, let me say that yes, it is sort of rehashing but because it’s a different angle and issue to view this week, it’s technically not the same thing.

The best news for you, Taurus, is that this will be the last week for a while where you’ll have to re-examine career and relationships (we can hear your sighof relief!). With that said, there will actually be two repeats in the same week (gulp). Before you panic, again I’ll say that these will be separate intricate issues of the same subject so it’s not redoing anything at all.

The week starts off with the powerful bull-like force of Taurus energy in the 22/4, The Master Builder. It signifies not only just a slight foundational looksie and tweak but more of an in-depth, detail-oriented focus on the smaller details of both career (5) and relationship (6) days that follow. Expect to possibly make more than just minor changes but you’ll see, Taurus, it is all much-needed and will be almost like a chiropractic alignment, to allow things to flow much more easily.

Moving on, you hit the 16/7, meaning you’re closing doors on this part of things (yay!) but we have a second round of the exact same numbers but different issues. The 5 (career) and relationship number (6) again repeat but this time, it’s more about a higher, eagle’s eye view of everything to check that all is in order and feels right to you this time. Then, voila! The 16/7 ends the week which means you also close the door on this part of things as well.

In the end, you’ll find a sense of contentment with the fact that all is well with this part of your life. It’s much more critical to your overall success in 2018 than you even realize. Since 2018 is an 11 year, it can definitely be a “Power Year” and you can’t fully embrace that kind of energy with thorns in your side. I think you get the point, Taurus.

You have more patience sometimes than you ever realize. Especially when it comes to your plan in its totality. (best days 29, 1)

The 32 is a flip-floppy version of the 5 (3+2=5) because the inspirational, imaginative and often tangent-thinking 3 has to battle with the inner 2, emanating the traits of codependence, passivity and duality. It isn’t that supportive in the inner or weaker position.

However, it will certainly help you to see both sides of everything, which is important for you, Taurus. You’re trusting but you’re also a fact-seeker. You like enough fact with your faith before you accept things. You never accept things simply on blind faith alone. That’s just your nature, nothing wrong with that.

The 67 begins with the relationship number (6), which could indicate a need for a more relationship-focused week more so than career. Backing up the 6 is the 7 but because it’s in the more passive or often more negative position, it can bring a sense of distrust or skepticism until you have all the facts to decide what’s right or wrong for you.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it will keep you from making rushed mistakes or leaping before you’re ready, etc. This isn’t a week to hurry along, Taurus. As much as you want to, this number will help harness you and hold you back a bit, which is much needed sometimes with the “bull” energy.