Scorpio Predictions February 18th to February 24th 2018 by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions

  • 20
  • 62
  • 74

This one’s going to take some prep work before you embark on the week, Scorpio. As a water sign (also known as the sign of extremes – no kidding!), you’re going to feel a little in over your head in “water” or “intuitive” energy this coming week because it’s loaded (and I mean loaded!) with hordes of 2’s, the most sensitive soul plane number (and the number of intuition, passivity, support, cooperation, peace, harmony).

You’re a sensitive sign for sure but this week may be a tad too meek for you to stomach. It’s like “nicety” overload. You’re a nice person, overall, Scorpio, but you’re not the sugar-coating, a cherry on top nice. You’re the “tell it straight up” kind of sign. That’s fine, it's who you are, but this week is going to feel like you’re forced to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Yet in reality, the 2 is quite the opposite of that as the number closest to the soul’s vibration, it wants or encourages authentic expression and speaking/acting from a heart/soul-centered position.

The first half of the week is rather docile and gentle in its overtone and you may feel a building of pent-up frustration and anger from feeling forced into adding in extras to “fluff” up your raw, real, authentic expression. Guess what though, Scorpio? The 2 is not meant to make you feel subdued but rather supported (it’s got your back on pretty much anything you want to do). Just because it’s not outwardly expressive and prefers to avoid the spotlight, doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

This week is ultimately about learning how to utilize that passive yet supportive 2 as a springboard to take you higher. I’ll admit, the first part of the week has both a preference for complacency and a pinch of drama but after the turn-the-page in a big way 16/7 comes barreling in mid-week, the remainder of the week is much more your flavor and will give you some wiggle room to be you as the 8, 9 and 1 highest change days are to follow and end out the week.

The question is, powerful Scorpio, will you get the lesson the overabundance of 2’s is trying to teach you and therefore will be able to implement it into both your inner and outer worlds? If so, you’ll gain a great newfound respect for the more gentle, subdued energies and how very useful and integral (instead of just annoying) they can be to your overall spiritual/physical profile. (best days 18, 23).

The 20 is ironic that it would show up as the very first lucky number in your hand of numbers this week. The pure 20/2 is a highlight of the main lesson of the week. Boy, you must really need to get this one, Scorpio. It’s obviously much more important than you may think it is.

As the week goes on, it’s a good thing you’ll slowly realize its importance and end the week with the proper takeaway. I shudder to think if you did miss the boat on that lesson, after seeing the droves of 2’s in each date PLUS your first lucky number being the granddaddy of them all, the pure 20/2.

The 62 will severely assist you in understanding more quickly so you don’t miss out and have to yet again carry this lesson forward for another time. The creative visionary 6 affords you many steps backward to view everything from a place of wholeness and seeing it in its entirety, thus speeding up the awareness of the lesson in it all. Be careful though and don’t get too confident or ahead of yourself because that 6 is backed up by the passive, gentle guide 2, which means you’ll be nudged softly toward the “vision” but it’s up to you to “discover” it completely. It won’t be served up on a silver platter.

The 74 further adds to the contemplative, self-reflective edge to the week as the deep, philosophical number of truth (7) is partnered with the grounded, stable, solid, practical, foundational 4 to keep you from going off on a tangent with your “wild thoughts.” You may not be in agreement at this point, Scorpio, but it looks like your lucky numbers each have a particular and integral mission in the scheme and flow of the week.

Wait and see, Scorpio. Things will turn out peachy-keen.