Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions December 17th to December 23rd 2017

  • 14
  • 63

Gemini, you had an experience lately where the two “sides” of you were merged somewhat for a period of time. That may have felt a bit weird but great at the same time. You’re so used to having two separate pieces of yourself and working it that way, it was a rare thing for you to experience this pairing up, temporarily. It gave you an exceptional vantage point like you’ve never had before. There were a lot of unspoken takeaways from that experience, let’s just say that. This week, you’re back to your “two halves” and in your element once more.

As you round the corner to 2018, your perspective just took a bit of a shift (with the merging of your two sides). Now you’re not certain you’ve made totally the right choices in all areas. You’re second-guessing yourself and some will evoke necessary change but be careful not to go overboard and change things that are fine the way they are. You can go overboard with a lot of things, Gemini, especially when you get on a roll. You forget there’s a natural stopping place for most processes.

The best way for you to approach this week is to aim it through the lens of the heart/emotions. Your brain is on overload at the moment so your heart is your most valuable tool for certain. Our emotions are our built-in compass anyway but you’ll be flying a bit blind because you won’t have your brain to filter or translate the soulful messages.

We’re not worried about you though, Gemini. You’re a natural improviser and can work with what you’ve got in the moment. One thing about you, Gemini, you might take a squiggly route instead of the straight one but you always get to where you want to be in the end. That’s why we never really worry too much and neither do you at the end of the day.

You have this natural feeling that all will turn out right eventually. (best days 21, 23).

The 14 is an interesting number because it leads with the isolated, stand-alone pioneering (ego-driven) achievement-focused number but is followed up by 4 in the weaker position. Normally, the 4 is more about stability, solid footing, foundation and hard work. However, since the 4 is in the inner position, it loses some of its positive effects and shifts gears into the negative a bit. This, especially when paired with an often egotistical 1, can push the 4 into the physical world of materialism, instant gratification-seeking, money, power, greed, impatience, and selfish behaviors. It could cause you a bit of trouble this week because it may lead you astray from the real goals on your plate. If you catch yourself creating new or more “greedy” or “self-involved” ideas, know that it could be that sneaky 14 coming in to sabotage you. Stay aware of this, Gemini as you move through the week.

The 63 is also a potential hazard as well. The 6 and 3 in the positive can be awesomely positive as the creative visionary (6) and the number of inspiration and imagination (3). In the negative, the 6 is often referred to as the number of extremes and can be like a negative spiral vortex that can suck you down into pessimism, critical thinking, and judgment.

The 3, likewise, turns from inspiration/imagination to self-doubt and self-criticism, sitting on the fence, unable to make a move or decision without outside help or advice. It becomes paralyzed with a fear of failure.

As you can tell by your lucky numbers this week, Gemini, it’s all about staying in the light of positive, people, places, and things or you could succumb to a major setback you weren’t at all expecting! Keep your eyes wide open, Gemini.