Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions January 14th to January 20th 2018

  • 33
  • 57

Gemini, this week (at face value) sounds like a breeze for you since its basic mission is to help you see both sides of your life from two different vantage points. One from the mental sphere and one from the heart/soul/emotional realm. Seems easy enough, right? Not so much.

Since the first part of the week is truly a deep-thinking, philosophical and meaningful closer look at what position you’re running your life from, while there is a single break in the middle of the week, the pure 20/2 day (the ebb of the week) which will allow you to assimilate and integrate this perspective of your life (which is most true to how you’ve been running things), you then move on to the more heart/soul based view.

This up close and personal view isn’t your forte as you often avoid emotional confrontation whenever possible and when it appears in your face in all its glory in your own life, there’s a bit of sweat that starts forming on your brow. I won’t lie, Gemini. This second half of the week will be a bit uncomfortable for you but you’ll learn so much more than the first half of the week. It will open up doorways in you that were never opened before to allow you to see so many more possibilities of your ability to express and interact in life.

The thing is this: The first part of the week will give you a crystal-clear view of what you DON’T want and the second shows you the possibilities of what you could want. The 3, 4 and ending on a 5 day, says that you’re imagining new ideas, thoughts, dreams, plans (3 is number of imagination) and the 4 is shifting your foundation to match these new dreams while the 5 not only gives you a window into your soul as the heart/emotions number but it injects a level of freedom of expression to move you forward to these changes that need to be made.

Sounds deep for the first month of a New Year but no one ever said a “Power Year” (2018 is an 11 year) would be a walk in the park, Gemini. Get ready to dissect the many aspects of yourself and amend where necessary.

Going through it will be tough but the results will be more than well worth it. (best days 17, 19).

The 33 looks like a repeating number but in actuality, it represents your duality (two sides to your nature). Written as the 33/6 (The Master Teacher), the 3’s can be a double helping of sunshine, imagination and inspiration while the number of extremes 6 can be a pessimistic, critical, gossipy and negative vortex of many things “grey” that can bring you down and keep you stuck in that space, often requiring help from others to pull you from the depths of its grip.

The 57 can be similar in its own way as the 5 is the loving, compassionate and freedom-seeking 5 but can also be the dominating, controlling, erratic and manipulative frequency that can be like a “demonic” possession of sorts, changing your personality expression into someone who is obnoxious, deceiving (to get your own way) and demanding instead of asking.

The look at your emotional side is two-fold, which side to you want to go with, Gemini? It’s a wakeup call as to how you can behave sometimes and it isn’t all that pretty.