Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions June 25th to July 1st 2017

  • 17
  • 26

Ah, now this is a Gemini week. Lots of different energies to play with but they’re the less common versions of the numbers. For example, the first number is a 23/5 and normally the 5 is career focused but mostly when it’s 32/5. The 23/5 is an evened out version of the erratic 5 (the natural counselor).

This continues throughout the week with the special 25/7 (associated with the angelic realm), the 27/9 (less about high change, more about humanitarianism) and so on. It’s a real challenge for you to navigate these different energies and see how they fit into your master plans right now.

You’ll have lots of fun exploring and keeping busy this week, Gemini. (best days 27, 30)

The 17 combines the pioneer (1) with the contemplator (7) which is a strange but workable combination. It will help you think before leaping and making mistakes you’ll regret.

The 26 is supportive and true intuitive (2) creativity (6). Real creativity comes from the heart/soul and not the mind so that’s why you’ll have so much fun with this week’s energy because it’s so different, you can create away. The way you like it.