Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions March 18th to March 24th 2018

  • 14
  • 23

As the “two-sided” sign, you’re great at seeing both sides of the picture, but mostly YOUR picture, if you catch my drift. When it comes to seeing things you don’t necessarily want to see or don’t believe to be correct or true, you tend to become “blind” to one side or the other – or both.

This week’s (month’s) overtone of digging deeper, beyond the regular humdrum has you feeling as though parts of it are a tad unbelievable, at best. Going in with a skeptic’s view isn’t going to help you, trust that. It will merely hinder your performance and make the lessons all that much harder or harsher.

When it comes to uncharted territory, it’s better to go with the flow than fight the current. If you don’t know what to expect, how can you already make up your mind on it until you’ve gone through it and/or tried it on for size? You can’t! Besides, what’s it going to hurt for you to take a deeper look at your heart, soul, your truth, what you really want to manifest in life and the processes through which you’ll create it all?

Be the frequent daredevil Gemini who’ll try anything once. The Gemini we know and love. The week isn’t requiring you to change, it’s asking you to take a look at everything from another side of the mountaintop, that’s all. Stop being confrontational and argumentative for no reason. It’s not becoming on you, Gemini.

We’ll be watching to see if you “free-fall” or get caught up on every thorn. It’s your rodeo. (best days 20, 24).

The number 14 is a good mix for you this week because it links up the pioneering, trailblazing 1 (which is also the verbal self-expression number) and the practical, grounded, foundational, down-to-earth 4. It will give you the feeling of having at least a foot on the ground, even when things get “weird” for you. You’re more of a “show me” or needing plenty of facts with your faith. The 14 will give you that sense of practicality you need to feel secure as you move through the week.

The 23 is a bit more “out there” for you but that’s precisely what you need in addition to the more grounded number 14. The 23 leads with the supportive, intuitive, passive, cooperative, peaceful, harmonious 2 (number closest in frequency to the soul) and is followed up by the 3, the number of optimism, inspiration, imagination, “anything is possible” outlook. It comes with a “BUT” though. That “but” is the fact the 3 can shift gears into the negative space (especially if you decide to bail ship an get all skeptical and questioningly nitpicky), causing the sunny 3 to become the self-doubting, self-critical 3 who is indecisive.

This, in turn, creates a 2 that is co-dependent, dualistic and essentially the opposite of that gentle supportive one it usually is.