Gemini Predictions by Michelle Arbeau

Lucky Number Predictions October 22nd to October 28th 2017

  • 34
  • 48

Gemini, you’re a bit of a cocky one at your best but there are times when you get knocked off your high horse to mingle among the rest of us. This week is one of them. Expect some humiliation resulting from relationship drama early in the week but you’ll be glad to clear it up, despite being dimed out in a more public way. It’s one of the few times you’re really letting it roll off your back because the resolution is the most important part of the whole experience for you.

You’ll be glad to put it all behind you. You’ll soon get your confidence back because you’ll be entering a high change, high manifestation period for three days. It’s like you’re the king of your castle again for a moment.

Watch out for the drop offs though because, on Friday, you’ll experience a stand-still that will strip you of your confident action-packed motion. The pure 20/2 forces you to reflect on all that’s happened, even if you want to leave it all behind as quickly as possible.

The end of the week, thankfully, brings you into a happy, sunny, optimistic, inspirational and imaginative energy again (3) so you’ll be glad to know your week will have a happy ending after all. (best days 22, 24).

The 34 is a bit of a complicated number for you this week, Gemini. Mainly because it combines two vastly different energies – the 3 as the inspirational cheerleader and the practical, grounded 4 behind it. The two together though, add to the truth-seeker (3+4=7). It’s all about speaking, living, leading with the truth this week, Gemini.

The 48 is “practical” (4) “confidence” (8), which you’ll need to navigate the relationship stuff during the first part of the week but they also add to a 7 (4+3=7), adding further to the message of the fact you need to be centered in your truth this week in order to make things turn out right. No showmanship this week, Gemini.

You can be a player but it’s time to man up and come clean on many levels. It’s overdue.